Thursday, January 1, 2009

State of Internet TV

Watching television over the internet seems to be a hot new area.  Aside from youtube, there's a ton of smaller sites popping up in this area. Here are the rough notes I put together while trying to piece it together:

The Contenders

Seems to have content from NBC, FOX, Sony, MGM

CBS has announced a large content deal with MGM, PBS, Showtime, Sony and Endemol USA to broadcast popular television shows on its website.


From the guys that brought you Skype.  Lineup includes:
Comedy Central
Beginning with the N.C.A.A. basketball tournament this spring, Joost plans to carry live programming. That's a technological nightmare, but Joost's software may make it the first company that can send live shows to millions of users. Imagine Florida retirees from Chicago watching Cubs games live over Joost. Or soccer-crazed kids in U.S. suburbs tuning in to European soccer matches.

ABC (obviously)




.tv as a domain extension

Just like .com, .org, or .net. But unlike those extensions, .tv is catchy and memorable. A .tv tells users that a site is a rich media website. And you don’t need to be a television network to get a .tv extension -- .tv domains are unrestricted, meaning that anyone can get one.



Everything seems to use Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.
HTML5 coming sometime with support for video?
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