Friday, April 15, 2011

A Tip for Running Apache Server on Windows 7

You must run htpasswd as 'Administrator'.

This is also required for Apache-based derivitives like the IBM HTTP Server.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shipping API Jars Without The Associated JavaDoc: An Antipattern

I just tried out the RSA 8.0.2 release and tried to create a new SCA Project. To my surprise, I was missing any and all documentation for the* packages. What's the point of including SCA support if you don't include the corresponding JavaDoc?

Here is the solution:
  1. Highlight one of the imports
  2. Control-click / press f3 to go to the declaration
  3. Click 'Link with Editor' on the Package Explorer view
  4. Right-click->Properties / press Alt+Enter on the parent jar (
  5. Select 'Javadoc Location'
  6. Set the Javadoc URL to
  7. Validate the location to be sure you didn't accidentally include index.html at the end (which I always screw up)

Possible Eclipse Bug

Wondering if this is an Eclipse Bug or not...

When I try using the annotation on my class, I get a compile error because the package is not imported on my project.

Hovering over the attribute gives me long list of Service classes:
  • javax.mail.Service
  • ...
and the following message:
"Attribute information for this '@Service' instance:
Unspecified attributes:
interfaces, value"

What does that even mean?
What's odd is that Ctrl+1 gives me the proper quickfix: to import

Whats really odd is that, now that the Service annotation class is resolved and the error is gone, hovering over it still gives me the original message!