Sunday, December 28, 2008

Atwood Did It

One thing I've noticed while trying to come up with consistent and solid blog posts for my blog is that, whenever I thought I had something interesting to say about coding, I would do a quick search and find that someone had already written about it. And usually, that someone was Jeff Atwood.

It happened enough times that I started hearing the voice of Professor Chaos (or more accurately: General Disarray) with each new idea: "Atwood Did It".
If you can stand South Park at all, do yourself a favor and go watch this full episode:

And if you like reading about coding, go check out this guy's archives...or maybe go buy the book version at this point:

I got into this guy's blog just before he and Joel Spolsky kicked off this little hobby project they called Stack Overflow (and I was one of the first/early listeners of the excellent weekly podcast they recorded while they built it).  How Atwood manages to churn out so many quality posts one-after-another is beyond me.
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