Friday, October 17, 2008

Software Modeling with UML in Eclipse

IBM has Rational Rose, now Software Modeler, and probably tons of other stuff, but the open source Eclipse UML stack is looking more interesting each day.
  • EMF
  • GEF
  • GMF
  • UML2
  • UML2Tools
Wonder if the IBM stuff will get on top of this?

Quote from the Obeo homepage: "Using GMF to do this is 10,000 hours of work"

My notes:
  • The .uml model is the source of all truth
  • Associations, navigability, and end ownership
  • To edit cardinality from view you can type "role [0..1]" and it will be magically parsed into 2 labels
Areas that need improvement:
  • provide shortcuts for common tasks
  • using properties view is a royal PITA
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